November, 2015

coin shower

The RV Park we stayed in a few nights ago had coin-operated showers.  Now, you already know how I feel about them.  But  allow me to expound on it just a little.  When we pull into most parks (Read: everyone so far), you pay for a hook-up. Electric and water, or electric, water and sewage, or dry (no services).  There is a posted rate.  The price is the price no matter how large your “rig”.  So a couple with, let’s say, a 40′ RV, with a large shower, water maker, and washer and dryer, pay the same rate as we do in our 17′ trailer.  The people in those big rigs usually shower on board.  And why not?  They’re huge, spacious, and comfortable, with large showers.  We sometimes shower on board, but it is a little cramped (Read: a really tight squeeze).  So when we are in an RV park that is squeaky clean, we like to take advantage of being able to really “spread out” and shower.  Tim took a shower that cost 50 cents for three minutes.  After three minutes, he was still covered in soap, but he had one quarter left to rinse.  No go – you had to put in two for the darn thing to operate.  And so, Tim had to put his clothes on and walk back to the trailer covered in soap – what a mess !!!  We the people in little rigs are the only ones  paying for showers. Why would people in big rigs bother to pay?  Seems to me the people in the big rigs use just as much water, and probably more (Hello – washer and dryer).  This bothers me in a really big way.  How about you?