May, 2016


After 9 months of full-time RVing, I have come to the conclusion that where WiFi is concerned most RV parks just DO NOT GET IT !!!. Oh, they all talk a good game, but in reality they just don’t care. Not really. We have stayed in several parks that have excellent WiFi. But as for the rest of you – it is pretty darn lousy. And I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Well, not every. I’m pretty sure that, as the months go by, we’ll hear some more good ones. Not great ones mind you, because you’re too darn annoying to have a great story.

When you advertise in your amenities section that you have free WiFi, and you have the nerve to list it first, you should darn well have it. You only list it first because you know everyone wants it. We make reservations based on your amenities and location. Once we arrive, that’s when the excuses come around. Let’s see –

it’s too windy

it’s raining

lightning struck the pole

kids stream movies

campers stream TV shows

it may not reach you

it’s Comcast’s fault

it’s not working right now

it’s about the same as other campgrounds

Starting today, if your WiFi stinks, I’ll have to let everyone know. We full timers do banking and shopping on line. Some of us work from our RVs. WiFi is an essential !

When you buy a Wi Fi package, make sure you spend the money so that everyone can enjoy the service – every day. Don’t buy the cheapest package out there. If you have 100 sites don’t buy brbandwidth for 10. You only leave people disappointed with your park, regardless of the other amenities. Kids and adults should be able to stream movies, watch the TV shows they want, write emails, and do the essential work they have to do. Otherwise don’t advertise it.

Their attitude is that it’s a “free” service so don’t complain. Gee, I assume all listed services are included in the advertised rate. Only when you read the park rules, after registering, do you learn how little to expect. One solution, have a section of the park with fast and reliable WiFi – and charge for it as an option, like other hook-ups. I, for one, would gladly pay a bit more, and I bet so would a lot of other people.

Found an excellent article on an RV Park Owners industry website — kinda says it all.

THE BUZZ: Wi-Fi Becoming ‘Utility’ in RV Parks