I had written a pretty good review of Tumble In RV Park, in Marfa, Texas. Since that time, we have been very disappointed, and decided to talk about the issue here in musings.  Basically, we made a mistake, but they have not helped at all or responded in any way – even after being asked to do so repeatedly.

It was a very windy and chilly morning when we packed up the trailer to move on, having to disconnect electric water and sewer.  Tim hopped in the car, anxious to get warm, as I had my keys in the ignition to get the heater going.  It wasn’t until we arrived at the next park that Tim realized he had dropped his keys on the ground – HUGE mistake.  I quickly wrote the following email to Tumble In:

We hope you can help us. We stayed in your park the last two nights (Feb1 and 2) site number #5. Sadly, my husband dropped his keys while disconnecting this morning. We didn’t notice until we just pulled into our new site tonight, and we don’t have keys to open or lock the trailer. Would someone be so kind as to scour the site for the keys? PLEASE. If you find them we will stay here in Del Rio until we can find a way to get them here. Perhaps we can pay you for your time, as well as for the postage.
I can’t express how appreciative we would be. If you find the keys , a small set with a medallion that says Casita, please call us at 610-___-____. Please call either way so we know you received this message.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Janet Reilly

Followed by:

He most likely dropped the keys when he removed his pullover jacket as he entered the car. If so, they would be in the site #5 driveway about twenty feet in front of the electricity pedestal. ( or possibly near the main exit, just before the dumpster, which he ran over to, as we departed.)

That email was sent on February 2nd.  Today is the 8th, and still no response.

I also phoned and left messages – no response.

It has cost us dearly in time and money.  One of the keys can only be purchased from the owner of the key template.  We found that out after going to several locksmiths.  Currently, we are waiting for the keys to be shipped – a $10 item, plus more than that for postage. Plus daily RV fees waiting for a message or a call, and now, the mail.  As I said earlier, it was our mistake, but management at this park is non-existent.  I would never stay here again, and I would advise you not to either.  Heaven forbid there was a true emergency, you can’t get anyone to help.

Rating:   F-

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