MARCH, 2016


While driving to Big Thicket National Preserve, we came across a very large number of houses that were literally in shambles.  You wonder…does anyone live there?  Why, yes they do.  We know because they have curtains, sometimes cardboard in the windows, rusty A/Cs running or window fans, and cars on the front lawn.  But the true tell-all is that you can see people through front doors and windows living their lives.  Now that’s fine.  Not everyone is in the top 1%.

There are a minimum of 120 churches and places of worship in Beaumont, Texas.  Many are small, but too many are very, very large and lavish.  Also, many are located in areas where houses in shambles lie side-by-side.  This is my beef.   People who can barely feed, house,  and clothe themselves are giving their money to build these houses of worship.  Seems to me the houses of worship should be small and modest – just large enough to hold the congregation, and giving money to the people who need their help, not taking it  Plus, there never seems to be enough people to support these monstrosities – especially when there is one right after another.  Where are all the people coming from?  Where is that money coming from?

I understand that for many, it’s their choice.  They need and want the support of a church and congregation, and that’s fine.  But giving more than you can afford to give, and paying the pastors’ salaries on top of that, is just overboard.  It’s true not just in Beaumont, but the world over.

I understand strong faith and free will may be something I’ll never understand. It’s hard to believe that any God would want this from his or her people.  Can’t the poor be exempted?

PS – The Cowboy Church doesn’t pass a basket or hat, and doesn’t ever ask for a donation.