October, 2015


I happened to wander into a shop where a man, who appeared to be in his mid 40s, was ranting quite loudly, to anyone who would listen.  He said it was very upsetting to him that people referred to him as living “Out West”.  He was quite annoyed, and considered it to be derogatory.   First off, let me say that if that kind of “insult” upsets you, you probably need to get a life.

Historically, excluding Native Americans, the east was settled first.  When those folks needed more land, more excitement, or just “more”, they moved west, where there were less people, more adventures,  more opportunity, and well, out into the great unknown (the west).

But let’s talk about it.  I suppose  “Back East” is a west coast-ism used as a corollary to “Out West”. The underlying thought is that everyone is somehow from the east, and that their ancestors moved  from the east, to the west.  But if they were to return home, they went “Back East”.

In most circumstances, “Back East” mainly refers to the north atlantic states. not to a state like Florida, which is “Down South”, not “Back East”, even though it’s on the Atlantic seacoast.

I may ask, “Why do we go “into the city”, but “out to the country”.”  How do you know if you live “down the street” from you friend or “up the street” from that same friend, especially when the street is level.


Although I understand (not), how this topic had a man ranting, I’m pretty sure that with a little wine, this  kind of rant would be easier to just ignore, while in  a mellow state.