October, 2015


As you all know, we’ve been on the road a few months now.  One of the oddest things in Oregon is the number of people who smoke.  Why is this particularly odd?   Well, in large part, Oregonians seem to be very “outdoorsy”.  Everywhere, people are hiking, backpacking, fishing,  biking, kayaking, camping and other like activities.  I guess I assumed that anyone who is that much into exercise, in the great outdoors no less,  would be health conscious.  Apparently, not so much.  We have seen more people smoking along the Oregon coast, than in any other place we’ve been – ever, including a big city like Philadelphia!  In fact, we saw a biker, in full spandex regalia, including a hard “banana” helmet, stop mid-hill for a cigarette break!  So here’s the obvious – smoking does not correlate with a desire for good health.  No judgements – just a paradoxical observation.