August, 2016

Originally, I was planning on putting this up as a post.  I wanted to do that because I’m not sure if readers ever get to the Musings section.  After some consideration, I decided that this is where it belongs, and that I would reference it in my post.  So here we go…

In my last post, I mentioned that we have a deadline to meet while we’re on the road.  That’s because it’s my 50th High School Reunion – on October 15th, of this year.  It doesn’t seem possible really, in my head, I’m still in high school.  To have less years ahead of you than behind you is haunting.  One of my young grandsons asked how old I am.  I told him I was 40.  He wanted to know how I could be younger than his Dad (my son).  I replied that sometimes strange things just happen.  He shrugged and walked away.  That subject requires its own musing…but I digress.

I’m really writing because I want to know if anyone, anyone, can tell me how to lose 100 pounds in 2 months.  Now, I’ve had a two year warning about this event.  But why do this year, what you can put off til’ next year.  I think Karen Lamb, author,  said it best, ““A year from now you may wish you had started today.”  Too true.

One year ago, Tim and I set out on this wonderful journey to see sights, meet other adventurous folks, learn lots of new things, get healthy, and experience the foods and drinks of other states.  We were lucky enough to experience all that we had hoped, except for one little thing.  It’s not so easy to be physical, when you’re basically living in a truck for a year, all while managing to –   how did I put it?  – experience the food and drinks of other states.  We did that in spades.

Have you seen the movie, “The Little Mermaid” ?  I thought it was very cute, but the music is what really tickled me, especially, “Under The Sea”, and “Kiss De Girl”.  You’re right, there was no segue to this paragraph, but watch how seamlessly I’ll put these ideas together.  In Valdez, there is a restaurant called “The Fat Mermaid”.  Here’s me…


Not quite the little mermaid, but a mermaid nonetheless.  So I’ll ask again, anyone have tips for how to lose 100 pounds in two months?  I’d love to hear them.  If not, when I show up at the reunion, I don’t want to see anyone’s face resemble Edvard Munch’s,  “The Scream” , when you see me.  Or hear anyone say “whoa”.  Naturally, I’ll be cleverly disguised in a little black number (cause’ black makes you look thin, right?)


A few years ago, my sister, Joan, looked me quizzically in the eyes and asked, “Are you in there”? We both laughed until tears ran down our faces. Today my answer is, “I can assure you, I am” !

A little story I just love is this.  Quite a few years ago, Robert Baretta and Orson Welles were on a late night talk show.   When Welles   walked out, looking very large, and wearing a full length black cape, Baretta said, Whoa, you’ve really gotten fat”.  To which  Welles  replied,”I may have gotten fat, but I can lose weight.  You sir, will be ugly for the rest of your life”.  Touché.

In conclusion, I’ll be waiting to hear from you about those tips.  But if I don’t – when we see each other at the reunion, please just say “Hello”, and “Kiss De Girl”