I’ve been drinking wine since I was in elementary school.  No, my parents weren’t crazy, but my wine-making, Italian immigrant grandparents firmly believed that a sip or two of wine every day keeps all systems up and running.  Maybe they were correct.  My grandfather lived to be 97 years old.  So whenever we’d visit for holidays, and every Sunday, out came the home made wine- served with chips and pretzels.  Weird, huh?  So this many years later, I do like wine with meals, and to sip on, with ice, on a summer day.

What’s do I consider the best wine?  To quote a winemaker we met in Florida, “the best wine is the one that you think tastes good”.  Keeping that rating system in mind, I’ll write a little blurb about each of the wineries visited,  and then how many and kind of bottles we purchased, if any.  You may assume that if we purchased a bottle, we enjoyed it.  Not being a sommelier, I will not rate the wines.  But I will tell you whether you should visit, on a rating scale of 5.