June, 2016

MARKET STREET GRILL – 48 W Market St –  Salt Lake City, UT

We had the pleasure of enjoying fresh oysters at the Oyster Bar in the Market Street Grill.  We shared a dozen assorted oysters.  All were fresh, sweet and delicious.  They were served with several dipping sauces, and freshly grated horseradish.  The oysters were traditionally presented on a bed of ice, with lemon wedges.

We also tried their crab cake.  It was different for us, in that it was coated and crispy on the outside.  We enjoyed it.

Even though this is Salt Lake City, I was able to order a cocktail with gin called a Beehive Cooler – it was very good, and as promised, refreshing.

The waitstaff is professional and friendly, and the decor is what one would expect from an upscale oyster bar and fish emporium.  Know that it is a bit pricey.

We enjoyed it immensely, and would definitely return.