March, 2016

PAPPADEAUX –  4040 Interstate 10 Access R –  Beaumont, TX

We didn’t have time to eat dinner in this restaurant.  But we did go for Happy Hour.  It was absolutely delicious.  Tim had a Margarita, which was ,well, a Margarita.  I had a “Swamp Thing”.  They say it’s made from secret ingredients.  I guess if I had asked they would have told me, but I like the “secret” idea.  Don’t know what it was – except delicious.  We did share a few appetizers, and that’s why I’m including it here.  We had Crispy Orange Shrimp.  12 of them were served on  skewers with an orange sauce and chile sauce on a bed of cabbage for $5 – fantastic.  We also shared a Fondeaux – garlic bread with a wonderful fondue.  The fondue had mushrooms, chunks of shrimp, and chunks of crawdads in a light cheese sauce.  Do you hear the angels singing?  You will when you try this dish.  if the dinner menu is as delicious as the Happy Hour menu, this is a winner.


Margarita and Swamp Thing – YUM!