April, 2016

PEG LEG PETE’S – 1010 Fort Pickens Rd –  Pensacola Beach, FL

This was a restaurant we passed when we went to or from our campground.  It was always a mob scene.  By the name, we figured it was a bar food kind of place.  We decided to try it anyway.  Another good decision.  This place was equal to or better than CRABS.  Fresh oyster on a half shell, plump, cold, sweet and delicious.  Tim had a seafood mixed grill, and I, a filet mignon.  The sides were new potatoes, sugar snap peas, rice and corn on the cob.  We shared everything (surf and turf, right?).  My steak was grilled perfectly, medium-rare.

It was hard to choose – the menu was so full of things that sounded yummy.   The waiter was friendly and efficient.  They provide things with kids to do.  Coloring of course, but also a treasure hunt.  Would I go again?  Oh yes!