April, 2016

CRABS WE GOT EM’ – Casino Beach –  Pensacola Beach, Florida

Tim and I both love blue crabs, particularly served Eastern Shore style, but any kind will be fine. We expected to find crabs in Texas, in Port Aransas. Even though they were advertised, and shops flew flags with crab pictures, when we went in to buy them – they didn’t have any. This happened all along the gulf coast until – oh yeah – Crabs We Got Em’. And they did. And they were delicious – served hot and with Old Bay. We were in heaven. We also ordered grilled oysters with parmesan cheese, which were good. Tim got a pitcher of beer for $5.00, only available if you ordered the crabs, which was delish as well. As an extra bonus, the pitcher had a core of ice so it stayed cold. Wow! I ordered a Mango Margarita which was only $2.50, a special on Tuesdays. It too was fab! With a sugared rim. Did I have another? Why, yes I did. Oh, and did I mention it overlooks the Gulf, and is right on the beach. it doesn’t get much better.

Would we go again? We sure would, and we plan to tomorrow night.