November, 2015

Tokyo Garden – 4149 Ming Avenue – Bakersfield, CA

Tim and I love Sushi.  It is a food that must be prepared with absolute freshness and artistry.  Tokyo Garden makes the grade.  It is a sensational Japanese restaurant.  We shared an order of the freshest edamame ever, served hot and salted.  We each had a bowl of the most delicious miso soup we’ve ever had.  A Fire and Love roll was served wrapped in tin foil,  flaming,  a real wow dish.  Fire and Love was followed by a Rainbow Roll.  One Calfornia roll, followed by the most delicious classic tuna-avocado roll ever.  The tuna was prepared tartare, which was a new element for us.  Finally, house-made green tea mochi for dessert.  The service was friendly , the sushi makers were artists, and the manager was gracious.  We loved this place.

Note: If you are in Bakersfield, and staying at the Orange Grove RV Park (or any other) – don’t miss this excellent restaurant!

fire love roll

Fire and Love Roll