December, 2015

UNTAMED CONFECTIONS  – WILD & Delicious –  Tubac, Arizona

I love candy.  Not all candy, but most.  But these, oh heavenly days, are exceptional.  We walked into their shop in Tubac, and it was a delight.  There were two women making the candy behind glass, so you could watch the process.  They have tastings – you may try as many tastes as you would like – complimentary.  They make primarily caramels, with delightful flavorings.  My favorite was pistachio -cardamon.   Probably the most important  fact about this candy is that they don’t use any sugar.  They only use honey from the Sonoran Desert. They also sell chocolates, about four different kinds.  i bought the salted  chocolate pecan turtles, to go with my pistachio cardamom caramels. YUM!   If you’re anywhere near Tubac, go out of your way to check out this little gem of a store.