July, 2016

VERONICA’S –  604 Petersen Way-  Kenai, AK


Veronica’s is a funky, cozy little place with a great menu.  The staff is friendly, and the prices are reasonable.  They boast of “life changing” desserts.   Actually, we planned on stopping in for just dessert, but when we saw the menu, we decided to have lunch.   Tim had a BLTA – a regular BLT, but with the addition of avocado.  it was served with a salad.  I had African Peanut Soup – which was oh-so-good.  It was served with pasta salad, and cornbread.  The cornbread was divine and different.  Cornbread is usually yellow in color, this was a raw sugar color.  I asked about it, and was told it was due to the addition of molasses.  For dessert, we shared a mixed berry crisp.  I had a wonderful hot chocolate – not from a packet, and Tim had the first cappuccino he’s had in 10 months.  We thoroughly enjoyed this place, and would gladly return.  If you  get to Kenai City, don’t pass this one up.