July, 2016

FAST EDDY’S RESTAURANT –  Mile 1313 Alaska Highway –  Tok, Alaska

We had read about Fast Eddy’s, so we decided to eat here our first night in town.  We hadn’t eaten all day, and treated ourselves to surf and turf- a NY steak, medium-rare, halibut, baked potatoes with all the fixings , and a wonderful salad bar.  I even had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon  It was delicious.  But was it really, or were we famished.  We tested  it on the second night.  Again, delish.  Fresh sandwiches on home made rolls.  On the third night we decided to cook home.  After going to the grocery store and seeing the prices – we decided it was Fast Eddy’s again.  This is by no means a gourmet spot.  But it is a restaurant that provides decent, well-cooked foods,at a reasonable price.  In addition, the glassware and silverware are spotless.  A woman works behind the salad bar, constantly refilling, and wiping away any spots of dressing or food that went astray.

We enjoyed everything we tried.  The waitresses were friendly  Lots of free parking.  Would we return?  Most definitely.  And if you get to Tok – don’t hesitate.