I’ve decided to review RV campgrounds and resorts,  because as a new camper, and probably for those who are ultra experienced, it’s difficult to choose a campground.  Some major league reviewers give high marks, and when I get there, I can’t wait to leave.  Many of the descriptors are subjective, so what one person thinks is clean, another may not.  I realize that time plays a part here.  What was good last year, may not be so good this year, and vice-versa.  So I’ll include the year of my review.  Cleanliness – no explanation really necessary.  Restrooms and showers must be cleaned every day – no exceptions!    Many campgrounds say they have WiFi as an amenity, and they’re the worst.  Impossible to connect and dropping connections when you are.  Now, I realize that when you’re camping, you’re camping (means something different to every one).  However, many of us are, and must be connected.  We work, we have families, we have on line businesses, we’re writers.  Basically, we need to be connected.  Well – I need to be connected.  So I care if you have good WiFi – and so do many others.  Where’s the camp located?  Is it next to the town dump?  Not good.  Is it close to a river, lake or creek? Good.  Does it have a view of that water?  Even better.  Does a camp have the amenities it says it has?  In the last two months, we’ve stayed in RV “resorts” that say they have an indoor pool.  And they do.  But it’s not operational “at the moment”.  Have you lowered your rates until the problem is resolved?  No?  That’s considered in my rating system.  Are the sites level?  Is there enough space for back-ins to do so easily?  Is there some privacy between rigs?  In conclusion, these are the 5 areas I will rate.  After we’ve been on the road for awhile, I will add categories as necessary.