February 8, 2018

In the last post I told you all about Rayne, Louisiana.  What I didn’t tell you is that Rayne is about a 15 minute ride from Lafayette , Louisiana, where Mardi Gras was already in swing.  During the day we went to a Chili Cook-Off and a Jamie Bergeron and the Cajun Kickers concert.

We met Jamie last time were in Louisiana at Whiskey River.  Actually, we like his music so much, we stayed in Rayne an extra three nights just to hear the band.  After the Chili Cook-Off and Jamie Bergeron, we headed to Lafayette to watch the parade.  Way more beads than New Orleans, but much more family friendly.  So if you want bare skin, boobs, and too much booze, Lafayette may not be what you’re after.

Jazz Musicians…



And Dancers



Tim and I were not only able to watch the Superbowl, but partied with 400 other Eagles fans — in Houston, Texas of all places.  How does that happen?  Well, while we were on the road, we figured we’d be in or near Houston for the game.  So we googled ‘where to watch the Super Bowl in Houston?’ Surprisingly, there was a bar called Ladybird‘s where all Eagles fans in Houston converge to watch them play. Hmmmm, strange.  Even stranger, it turns out many people in Houston dislike all things Dallas as much as Eagle fans hate the Dallas Cowboys.  One of the founders of the Houston Eagles Nest, (below are two of the founders)

a Texas native himself, told us it was only natural that they would root for the Eagles.  Weird, huh?  And of course there also are many transplants from Philadelphia in Houston for school or work.  So there we were with hundreds of fans all wearing green and going crazy every time the Eagles did something right.  Trust me, it was a  strange, but crazy good time.


Check out this logo!


Just a second here – I just noticed my box of Raisinets.  Check out the box…do you see it?  It says this box contains real fruit. Is there such thing as fake raisins???   I don’t know, I’m just asking.


We finally arrived in quirky Quartzsite, Arizona.

When we arrived, we checked into Quail Run RV Park. ( Park review to be available soon under Campsite Pages.)

 After being on the road for awhile, we had laundry to do, and as much cleaning as can be done in a 17′ nugget.  Tomorrow we’ll fill and empty (dump, ugh) our tanks and  head for Dome Rock where the fiberglass rally is being held.  I

What in the world do camels have to do with Quartzsite, Arizona you may ask.  This article written by by Sam Lowe in 2009 can explain it much better than I can.

Quartzsite’s Legend of A Camel Driver

“The thing most people notice right away when they enter the Quartzsite Cemetery is a stone pyramid topped by a copper camel, and there’s quite a story behind its presence. The cairn marks the grave site of a man they called Hi Jolly, who came to this country in the 1860s  from Syria, to act as a camel driver for the U.S. Army during an ill-fated attempt to use the animals as beasts of burden for military purposes in the deserts of the Southwest.

His real name was Hadji Ali, but the soldiers had trouble pronouncing that moniker so they shortened it to Hi Jolly. He served with the Army until the camel experiment was abandoned and the camels were either sold off to private enterprises or turned loose on the desert. One of them became known as the Red Ghost, and allegedly stomped a woman to death, and the Hi Jolly legend says that when he died, he was out in the desert hunting for the renegade animal. Before his death, he bought some of the camels and operated a freight line along the Colorado River but it failed so he turned to prospecting and, like so many others, never got rich at that, either.

He died in an old rock cabin near Quartzsite in 1902, but his memory is preserved every year when Quartzsite stages Hi Jolly Days and Camelmania in his honor.”



Thought you might enjoy some quirky Quartzsite humor. This town is all about RVs.  Many, many ( too many? ) retired folks spend the winter here in everything from tiny pop-up campers to mega-monstrosities that cost several million dollars each.  But whether they are large

or small,

they all have to dump (such an ugly word, “dump” ) waste.  That system may break down. But have no fear, the Proctologist is here.  I can’t stress enough the quirkiness of this town.

Check out his gloves and stethoscope – what a hoot !

We checked into the rally today.  It is expected that over 200 fiberglass trailers will be in attendance.  There are no services  at Dome Rock like water, sewer, or electric.  We have a small Honda generator, so we should be fine.  This is BLM  (Bureau of Land Management) property, so there is no fee. That’s pretty sweet for about 3 days, then it gets a bit old, for me at least, but many “snowbirds” stay for the entire winter.  Here is a picture of just a small portion of the campers.

And here we are all set up.  Don’t you just love our “patio”?

OK folks, they’re calling us for the Happy Hour Party – stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “QUARTZSITE

  1. Joyce Delmore

    This was so enjoyable to read. Hi jolly
    Was a revelation. Who knew? Camels
    In the southwest. Love your patio.
    Reminded me so much of our time in Utah.

    Roughing it i see.

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      I know. It’s one of the things Like about traveling. I’ve learned so much. Speaking of learning, I’m learning to “rough” it. (I’m not crazy about it, but I am learning).
      Speaking of our time in Utah – what a wonderful, awe-inspiring journey that was.

  2. Ann Marie Palmer

    Hi Janet!
    Looks like you two are having a good time. Glad you are.
    Hello to Tim. And continue to keep us updated on your travels.
    Ann Marie

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      Hi AM,
      So good to hear from you. Not sure when our paths will cross, but looking forward to Thanksgiving.


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