Saturday, November 23, 2017

I want to wish all of my friends, family and followers a very






I like to be PC, so Happy and Merry Anything and Everything!


Now Check This Out

I do have a little something to share for all of you to enjoy.  We took a car trip the other day, and found a road we’d yet to explore.  The road is called  Seven Bridges Road, a.k.a Great Bay Boulevard in Little Egg Harbor. This road sits in the middle of a 4-mile long peninsula that separates Great Bay and Little Egg Harbor at the mouth of the Mullica River.  It offers vistas over the salt marsh to your left and right.  It  encompasses the Great Bay Boulevard Wildlife Management Area, with many birding and wildlife opportunities,

Traveling down Great Bay Boulevard  is an interesting and, if timed correctly, beautiful experience. It is a narrow two lane road connecting several barrier islands. It  has 6 bridges, two of which are one lane only. Those one lane bridges have 2 -minute traffic lights to allow cars to safely pass each other. Originally it was meant to connect to Atlantic City 8 miles away, but the company in charge went bankrupt and the final bridge was never built. Even though there are only six bridges, it’s still known as Seven Bridges Road – go figure.


The road is kind of desolate and has no buildings or businesses aside from a half dozen marinas.  Kind of isolated really.  There’s no good reason to travel this road unless you’re going fishing or just want a nice view of Little Egg Harbor. If you travel to the end of the road, Rutgers University has a research facility just before the road ends in a sand dune.  There is also a nice beach.  A little too isolated perhaps? (at least for me)  We didn’t get to visit the Rutgers facility, because the road is restricted.  Maybe another day we’ll find our way in (you know we will).


This is the wooden road /bridge to Rutgers, just off of Seven Bridges Road.


I think these reeds are, well, pretty as a picture.


This is the best part.  We were lucky enough to be traveling this road at sunset.





I just love how the cloud is reflected on the water.


Such an unexpected treat.  When you’re at the New Jersey shore, take time out to visit this little visited peninsula.  It’s well worth your time.


NOTE: We’re still working on getting away for a while.  With any luck, the next post will be from the road.  Stay tuned…



  1. Rita Oakes

    Good to hear from you again!
    I am sending you Holiday Greetings via email. Can’t do it here. Don’t forget to keep me in mind when those Maryland Blues cry to be eaten in 2018.

  2. Liz Conley

    Hi Janet and Tim
    I hope your Christmas was Magical and may your New Year be an adventure.
    I have followed your blog since day one and enjoyed every update. Keep them coming. In fact I have them so much I was wondering if you would mind if I shared it with Tim and my boss Kathy Rickard. She is retiring on January 5th. Her and her husband have bought a little trailer much like the one you guys own. They are going to travel the country also. I mentioned your blog and she was excited to hear about it. So would you mind if I were to share it with her? I hope all is well with both of you.
    Oh Tim if you have not realized it yet best thing you ever was get out HUP worse then ever, but I did not have to tell you you already knew it
    Take care

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      Hi Liz, So good to hear from you. Hope your Christmas was spectacular, and that 2018 brings you peace, health and joy.
      Feel free to share this blog address with anyone you choose. And if there are questions, we’d be happy to answer.
      If you find yourself in South Jersey, please plan on visiting. Spring and summer are beautiful here. Janet


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