August 5, 2017

Today we drove to the beach town of Stone Harbor.  It’s only about 35 miles from Galloway, NJ, our home, but the traffic makes it a little bit of a trek.  But today, we didn’t go for the beach.  We went to see an artist named Romero Britto.  He was born in Brazil, but has lived in Miami since 1989.  Why him?  Well, because I saw this very, very cool luggage – loved it – and Tim bought me an entire set for Christmas.  The graphics on all of the pieces is crazy, colorful, and fantabulous. It so happens that Mr. Britto created the graphics.  Here is a picture of the whole set –


And here is a pic of just the small case –


He has many styles of luggage, but since I’m an “island girl” at heart, this was my favorite.

It also happens that he was showing his work at Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor- hence – the trip.  The entire gallery was devoted to his work.  It was an absolute explosion of color.


Though the gallery was exciting,  more so was meeting him and having him autograph my luggage tag.


Check out these beauties. Below is Tim’s favorite – a crab – of course.

I liked this sculpture, aptly titled “Martini”.


Since we were in Stone Harbor for the first time in decades, of course we checked it out.

First a bit of history.  If you can read the sign, it’s pretty cool.  If not, it says that the first airmail delivery in New Jersey was a delivery of 500 pieces of mail that flew from Ocean City to Stone Harbor, using the beach as an airstrip.  Who knew?


You know, sometimes east coast beaches  leave a lot to be desired, but the beach in Stone Harbor  is pretty spectacular. Below is a picture of the dunes.  The upright sticks you see are masts of catamarans and other small sailboats.



The town itself is only 3 blocks wide, east to west.  There are bike paths on both sides of the main street, with a wide grassy median showcasing trees, plants, and gorgeous flowers.  There is a 42-block stretch considered the “beach block”,  meaning that at the easternmost end of the street is a short path to the beach, making it super accessible regardless of where you are.


There are plenty of opportunities for enjoying nature and the outdoors, like the Wetlands Institute.  Established in 1972, the Wetlands Institute is an organization committed to protecting and preserving the wetlands and coastal ecosystems along New Jersey’s shore.  You can visit the exhibits, explore the marsh, join a bird watching walk or take a guided beach hike.  Another spot to explore is the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary.


The sanctuary features four different paths that  go  through woodlands, gardens and marsh and are home to a variety of birds and waterfowl.  It is quite lovely.  Note: Bring Bug Spray !!!

Stone Harbor’s business district has plenty of old-fashioned seashore charm, with lots of restaurants and up-scale shops.

To top off the great day, it just so happened that the Festival of Lights  was taking place.  A beautiful sight with lots of boats all dolled up for the parade.



I would definitely visit again some day.  If you love beautiful beaches, then  you should too!

You know  that road trip I’ve been talking about.  It’s hard to believe, mostly for you, but it’s finally  happening.  We’re leaving on Thursday.  So stay tuned for Minnesota, North Dakota, and Nebraska.  You never know what we’ll discover !






  1. Patricia Reilly

    Took Win there. Saw our first ibis at the sanctuary. The Jersey shore has so many surprises! You sure made the right choice.


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