April 29, 2017

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while – but we’re back.  It was a blog-worthy day, if you will.  Smithville Village had a New Age Fair and Drum Circle on the Village Greene, sponsored by Herban Legends.  Herban Legend is a “Fair Trade Socially Conscious Boutique carrying hand-made clothing & accessories, jewelry, visual art & metaphysical materials such as singing bowls, sage, incense, etc., as well as unique & unusual gifts, natural organic body care products, teas & sauces.  The Legend also conducts & sponsors workshops in chakra and crystal healing, spiritual cleansing using sage & other wonders from the Earth, Tarot Readings….and much more”   – 205 N Belleview  Ave, Hammonton, NJ 08037.   I thought I’d give them a plug because I enjoyed myself so much, and I plan on visiting the shop – maybe you will too.

A blanket was set up with various drums so people could borrow, in case you didn’t bring or have your own.


I don’t have one, but here I am anyway.

It was our first 85 degree,  and higher,  day of the year.  The organizers were good enough to set tents in a circle, with chairs under them for shade.  Great idea!

If you’ve never been in a drum circle, it is way cool.  It reminds me of chanting “OM” in a yoga class. All of the voices seem to turn into one, that vibrate your very inner core – same with the drum circle. Try it – I think you’ll like it!

Along with the drum circle, there were vendors of all sorts – acupuncture, massage, a juice and kombucha bar, a henna booth, essential oils, and lots more.

When we left Smithville Village, we were in the mood for peace and beauty.  We headed over to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

We drove the 8-mile Wildlife Self-Guided Tour.  Brochures were available in the newly built Visitor’s Center.  The habitat consists of 47,000 acres, which is actively managed for migratory birds.  But that’s not all.  The Diamondback Terrapin (turtle),  is a species of turtle native to the brackish coastal marshes of New Jersey.  And they are protected here as well.

Spring is certainly  time for L’Amour!!!

Mom, dad and babies.

Those little yellow balls to the right are baby chicks.

A lone snowy egret.

Look at this beautiful Red-winged Blackbird.

We’ll probably make this drive a 1,000 times over the course of the year.  It’s only a 5 minute drive from our house, and there are different creatures to see in different seasons.  If you’re headed to the shore, plan a visit here – you won’t be disappointed.


Being Saturday night, we decided to kick it up a notch, and head to the Bay Fest in Somer’s Point.  The Bayfest is now the largest, single day festival in South Jersey, with  food, crafts, and music, with an emphasis on food!!!

Yikes!!! It is any wonder_________________________________ (you fill in the blank).

We wanted to hear some good music, so we headed to BAIA, a restaurant/bar, with a band on the deck.  We had seen this band before, and we both really love the old-school calypso, soca,  and reggae sounds of  Verdict (  If you have the chance to see/hear them – do – you’ll feel like you’re in the islands for sure.


Just so you know – Tim has been working on the Casita for days, getting it ready for our upcoming road trip.  It looks great.  Don’t you agree?

Depending on the weather, we should be going on a “shake-down cruise” next weekend.  We’re thinking Cape May, because there is so much there to see and do, and it’s close to home if we need a tune-up of some kind.  There are also many campgrounds in Cape May and surrounding areas..   If all goes well, the next post should be about our trip to Cape May.  Stay tuned !!!


5 thoughts on “SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME

  1. Lynn

    How wonderful that you’re about to start traveling again. I’d love to see Cape May again, maybe some day. What’s the plan after the initial trip? Wishing you beautiful weather and uncrowded roads. Enjoy!!

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      Hey Girl – Cape May has lots to offer – we’ll do as much as we can in a short period. Before the end of the month, we’ll be off to the 3 states we missed the first time around – Nebraska, North Dakota, and Minnesota. And someday Hawaii – eat some poi, wear a lei, and learn to hula – interspersed with glorious National Parks, of course. Hope you are well my friend.

  2. Peggy Beecham

    Hi, Janet and Tim ~
    It’s reassuring to know that all is well, and another great season of travel and shared sights/experiences on the road are about to commence as you resume your amazing Blog! As usual, thank you for sharing!
    MEA CULPA that I let your birthday, last week, come and go without a shout out. . . . I recall thinking about it on the actual day; but somehow let a whole week slip by until today. Hope you’re still celebrating‼ May you both keep doing what you’re doing, and stay blessed❣❣ Happy trails to you. . . .

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      So good to hear from you. As usual, you astound me with your memory. Glad you come along for the ride. 💝Janet

  3. Lynn

    Haven’t been to Cape May since I was a recent HS grad. Will get back again some day. But Hawaii, oh that is paradise. Hope you get there. Doing well here, busy and happy. Looking for a new home, not easy cause it has to be near a church, a Spiritualist church. Some day. Meanwhile, i’m clearing out here for the big move.
    Enjoy your travels!


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