March 21, 2017

Hi Everyone, and Happy First Day of Spring.


We attended the Atlantic city Boat Show, which was held March 1-5, 2017 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  We’re thinking about buying a small boat, given our proximity to water.  In fact, I’ve had an interest in exploring these waterways for many years.  There’s something intriguing to me about traveling on the water through narrow water paths through the marsh.

We have enough space for a small boat in our storage spot, right behind the Casita.  There are many, many small craft marinas around here, and a few launch ramps.  In fact, there’s one about a mile from our house.

It isn’t pretty, but it does the trick.  They even have a parking lot to keep your truck and trailer. And, it is all gratis!  Don’t speak Latin people? – that’s FREE!  Yep, it’s a state park, and we are now residents.   So…

The boat show had lots of boats and accessories.  I thought there would be a few large, and larger motor and sailboats in the bunch – but there weren’t – just motor boats.  Small ones!  Not that we were going to buy a big one, mind you – I guess we’re just used to the Annapolis boat shows which are outdoors and pretty unbelievable to see, where you can climb on and off of some of the most spectacular boats/yachts in the world.  But actually, for us, this was perfect.

The entrance was plain and simple

To the left of the entryway, there was a photo op that Tim just could not resist.

The first thing that met our eyes when we walked into the show was this incredible sand sculpture.

It was done by sand sculptor extraordinaire, John Gowdy.  If you want to know a bit about him or see more of his work, go to

Some of the boats we looked at  were this style.  Meh!

But this was my very favorite of that lot.

But here’s the thing…do we really need a boat this large?  I mean we want to be able to take out a few people, mostly our three grandsons.  So do we purchase, insure, and store something like this for the less than a handful of times we would actually take guests out?  That remains to be seen.  I was thinking more of something like this –

or even this-

I  really want to explore the waterways in the marshes.  To my eyes, they are quite beautiful.

All along the marshes, there are small restaurants and bars.  You can tie up your boat, and go in for a little refreshment and a bite to eat.  This one is called Mott’s Creek Inn.

Not very fancy, right?  But the drinks are good, and the food is delicious, and there’s often live music.  Plus, it sits just a few feet away from the Redneck Yacht Club.

Right across the street from Mott’s Creek Inn, this sign is posted .

UGH!  You know how I feel about mosquitoes and green heads.  But this year, I am determined to enjoy my summer at the shore, and at times,  on the marshes.  Note:  Someone told me to wipe all exposed areas with Listerine.  You let it dry, and voila – no bugs.  Hmmm.  I’ll try anything!  And if it works, I’ll let y’all know.

Crazy!  I had no idea that this world existed just a few miles from the glitz and glamour of Atlantic City casinos.

This is another restaurant/bar on the banks of the marsh.  It’s called Oyster Creek Inn Restaurant and Boat Bar.

This happens to be an excellent restaurant, with very long lines during the summer.

I’m sure you get the idea! A boat sounds like fantastic fun.  But we have nothing but time to decide.  We plan on hitting the road in our Casita again sometime soon.  Believe it or not, we miss the road. Don’t get me wrong, we love our new home.  But, the road is our siren song. And very, very soon we plan to take another road trip.  In fact, we are currently in the planning stages.  Canada?  Florida?  The States we haven’t been to yet — all are being considered. For those of you who follow along, you know our trip to Mexico came to an abrupt halt;  something to do with a leased vehicle.  We have recently purchased the truck, so Mexico is back in our sights.  I’m thinking for the winter makes the most sense.  How about you?

We hosted a St. Patrick’s Day EVE party. It’s been so long since we’ve entertained in our home, that it took lots of our time to plan, prepare and host.  You all would have been pretty proud of me.  I even made Beer Bread, Irish Soda Bread, Shepherd’s Pie, Guiness Chocolate Cake (below),


Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake and Irish Apple Cake with Custard sauce — all from scratch.   Oh wait, let’s not forget Shamrock-shaped pasta (since I’m Italian).  As well as lots of other stuff.  We really enjoyed ourselves, and believe / hope every one else did as well.   On the day of, we went to McGettigan’s Irish Pub for corned beef and cabbage, and music of course,  with friends.

That’s it for now – see you next time, hopefully with plans for the road trip.



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