March 14, 2016

We’re still in Port Aransas, Texas, but we are definitely leaving on Wednesday.  We still haven’t decided whether we’re going east or west.  What’s the dilemma?  Why can’t we make a decision?  Well the reason lies on both of our shoulders.  Tim hates cold weather, so he doesn’t want to go north until we’re certain we won’t need our woolies.  I don’t like hot, humid, muggy, buggy weather, so I don’t want to head east into a long line of rainstorms along the gulf.  We have to head somewhere, I guess we’ll make that decision on Wednesday after consulting our constant companion, the weather channel.

In a prior post, I added a few pictures of the beach here.  Guess what?  it’s Spring Break !  There are currently over 2 dozen colleges celebrating on “our” beach.  I have to admit, it is kind of fun.  We drive down the beach in a line of cars that is huge.  It took us about an hour to drive 8 miles.  Check this out.


This place is crazy, but it’s fun.  You can even camp out on the beach in tents, RVs, whatever.




Just a short distance away, about 20 miles, are the pristine beaches of Padre Island.


Isn’t this beautiful?  No driving or camping on the beach, but there are campgrounds very close by, with facilities.

Now back to our neck of the woods.  We mostly drove to the beach and relaxed with books.  Some lucky folks actually live on the beach.  Look at these three houses.


The reason I put these particular houses in my post is because they do not have access except from the beach.  There are several others as well. Their  address is On The Beach Road.  It’s pretty neat – I wonder what they do in a hurricane. Forget that – I know exactly what they do – get the heck out as quickly as they can – I know I sure would.

We ate in wonderful restaurants like La Barataria, where we had excellent sushi.


While at the beach, I was captured by a Great White Shark,  who was nice enough to drop me off at an island souvenir shop.


Now, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with “Popsicle Toes”.  I have to tell you a little story.  My sister Joan has nice feet.  Now, I know many, many people don’t like feet.  They think they are ugly.  Well -some are, and some are not.  Joan happens to have nice feet.  Not too big, shaped rather nicely – for feet.  BUT – they are kind of on the square side.  Kind of like Fred Flintstone’s feet.  We had a nephew who used to say Joanie’s toes reminded him of little square tiles.  You don’t so much polish them,  you roll the polish on with a tiny paintroller.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve discussed feet.  But this shop, POPSICLE TOES, brought it all back.

Here are a few pictures.  Joan, these are for you.


Street sign to alert you that this store is in this mall.


Sign on the front wall of the building.


Sign on the door.

NOTE:  I feel that I should plug the shop after taking pictures.  POPSICLE TOES creates tasteful, tailored toe rings. Custom sized for a comfortable fit.  They also sell other gifts.  It’s a very cute shop.

NOTE #2 – Finally, after all of these years, I have been able to discuss your feet.  Readers, you have no idea how I was tormented as a young teen.  My feet are slightly larger than hers (I wear a size 6, but a 10 feels so much better).  There was a time when sales people actually tried the shoes on your feet.  Whenever the sales person was within earshot,  Joan would hum the tune to Clementine.  This is the verse in particular –

Light she was and like a fairy,
And her shoes were number nine;
Herring boxes, without topses,
Sandals were for Clementine.

The story is out, and I can now rest.


8 thoughts on “POPSICLE TOES

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      Thanks so much. I had never heard that song. I checked to see if anyone else recorded it – Diana Krall sang the song in 1999 on her album titled “When I look in Your Eyes”. Live and Learn!

      1. Noreen

        Gary used to play that cd (Michael Franks) all the time. Never heard anyone use the term Popsicle Toes before or since. Thanks for giving me a good memory!

        1. Takin' Breeze Post author

          Just think how great we’d all do if we went on “Family Feud”, or some such show. I know all kinds of useless facts. Not usually helpful to anyone, but fun to pull out of your hat once in a while.

  1. Liz

    Hey mom & dad.. Glad youre still free-wheelin. Our only suggestion…make it to the new orleans jazz fest. First weekend 4/22-4/24. Steely dan, pearl jam, van morrison, red hot chili peppers, herbie hancock & julio iglesias. Second weekend. 4/29-5/1. Paul simon, Stevie wonder, snoop dog, Beck, nell young & bonnie raitt. PLUS 100″s of others! And the food!!! We will buy you the grand marshall up-close-and -personal tickets for the weekend of your choice!💜💜 Let us know ASAP. We would join you for Paul Simon or Pearl Jam and Snoop, but we will be relaxing in Aruba with Paul and Del for Liz’s Birthday.

    1. Takin' Breeze Post author

      Wow – we’ll have to see about that one. We thank you both for your kindness and generosity !


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